RMPD -  Market research and surveys

RMPD is your ticket to:

Solid methodologies
Reliable results
Actionable recommendations
RMPD: Custom Research, Tailor-Made Solutions

Well established in the Quebec consulting market, RMPD has been offering a complete set of marketing and social research services for more than ten years.

Each project is unique in itself and RMPD fine-tunes a research strategy that is custom-designed to meet the information requirements of the client. Choosing RMPD for your project means dealing with experienced professionals who have accumulated many years of experience and who have successfully completed and delivered hundreds of projects throughout the years.

To ensure an excellent research product our professionals apply the following five principles to each project they undertake:
  • A thorough needs assessment process that guarantees an understanding of the issues and the development of precise research objectives
  • Selection of the most appropriate research methodology
  • Tight control of the information-gathering process
  • In-depth and exhaustive data analysis
  • Concrete results with realistic and actionable recommendations

The RMPD Touch

Our clients are leaders in their fields and demand the best when it comes to their market research needs. Throughout the years, RMPD has brilliantly met their requirements. In dealing with us, you too can benefit from our unique offer:

  • Research professionnals who have accumulated over 60 years of experience
  • Rigorous quality standards: from data collection to the recommendations we formulate, each step goes through a series of quality control measures
  • Experience and expertise that cover many different industries and the use of an array of methodologies
  • A corporate structure that allows for a great deal of flexibility, which in turn permits us to adapt to projects of any scope or size
  • Research professionals with superior project management skills: we always deliver on time and on budget
  • Harmonious long-term relationships with our clients